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Bell Huey UH1, 212, 412 Bell Huey UH1, 212, 412 HOT

Release notes:-


The In Aircraft help file hase been updated with new keybindings and instructions, please read it !!!!!

Multiplayer crew option available on all 3 versions.

Fixed - Livery swapping over Multiplayer.

All 3 Choppers are now configurable  with different Mission loads. See the Huey Configuration menu. ( Please read the in aircraft  Help file ). Each configuration is viewable over multiplayer.

Guns and Rockets can only be fired if the aircraft is configured with them. 7 Rockets per side + each minigun carries 1000 rounds.

Crop sprayer will only spray if the aircraft is configured with it.

Movable searchlight when you use the SAR configuration ( works over multiplayer ).

FDM's tweaked to load with 100% fuel and to cope with the payload weights.

Pilots change to suit the Aircraft configuration.

Advanced lighting kit fitted



Known buggs:-

The Doors do not animate over multiplayer. We did try to resolve this , and failed several times.

When joining as Multiplayer crew, the Interior may be slow to appear or fail to appear at all. This appears to be something to do with ALS ( works ok using Rembrandt ). We are not exactly sure why it happens yet. The same system worked ok on every other aircraft we used it on.




All versions have individually tuned FDM's to suit the version.

MP sound

Interiors of the 212 + 412 have been reworked by Cain  and Firefly.

Additional trim also available on the 212 + 412



 This update of the 21/412 is pased of a partly done model by Helijah. I have completed the models as best I can at the moment.

All 3 heli's now have individual FDM's although those FDM's are currently identical.

 All 3 heli's share the same livery files.

 The Rotor animation for the 412 is the same as the UH-1 and will need corrected at some point.

 Added 2 new pilots for the 212/412 versions.

 added a cannon sound FX for the gunship option.



 Ambient light values corrected on the 212 % 412 fuselages by VooDoo.

 Glass shader applied to the 212 & 412.

 Individual cocpit layouts for each helcopter.

 Nav lights and beacons positioned on the 212 & 412.



 This package contains the original FG UH1 and adds the 212 and 412 models.

 Both the new models share the same FDM and instrumentation as the UH1 for the moment.

 Livery selection will work on both the 212 and 412 and separate livery folders exist for each helicopter.


Size63.37 MB
LicenseGNU/GPL external
AuthorBARANGER Emmanuel (FMD/3D), StuartC (Twin version), Heiko Schulz (3D/FDM), Simon Lister (3D), Maik Justus (FDM, sound)
Changed byStuartC


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