February 3rd, 8pm UK time - Revisiting Gavarnie Falls

We'll meet at 8pm UK time at Lourdes Airport, ICAO: LFBT and depart smartly in a Southerly direction and visit/observe the Grande Cascade de Gavarnie - a waterfall which drops 422 meters in the Pyrenees Mountains. It is, arguably, one of the better water falls represented in FlightGear. Once there we'll observe and cavort at will.....maybe even land and snap a few screen shots.

Please bring a chopper capable of 130 KIAS at up to 9000'. Please remember to link to anything rare or outside of the FGUK Hangars to avoid Blue Glider Syndrome.

After visiting the falls we will depart Eastward and land for refuel/refresh at LESU. After refresh we will head ever East to LEGE, and then onto our final destination LEBL/Barcelona Spain.

We'll be flying at altitudes from 100' to 10,000' and speeds up to 130 KIAS thru, over, and around mountains, water, and high tension wires strung thru valleys so pick a chopper you know well and are confident with.

Hope to see as many as possible!



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All voice coms will be using TS3:-


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