The Motril Airshow is a fairly small beach event near where I live. This year there will be a Harrier doing a display and the event will be based around this aircraft's capabilities.

Both flight plans and the beach AI scenario are now available in this .zip:

Route: We'll be taking off from their Moron Air Base (ICAO: LEMO) and forming up at Malaga (LEMG).

A nice gentle sight-seeing trip initially (250 KIAS @ 3,000 ft) until we get to the approach into Gib, then down to under 500ft @350 KIAS and follow the coast round to Malaga.

The beach is at 36.716876, -3.545749.


Flight Plan for the second part:


Second part is from Malaga Malaga (LEMG):

  • following the coast (350KIAS below 500 ASL) until just before La Herradura near ULPEP/WP 0003.
  • From there, out over the sea to WP004 and then slowing down to 200 KIAS 100 ASL to overfly the beach.
  • Next is back up to 350 KIAS for 3 fly-bys at LEGA, LEGR and LEAX and returning to the beach.
  • Free-flying then, around Motril until it gets time to leave for Almeria (LEAM).

The area covered, shown in red, in TerraMaster:

Aircraft specs: If you haven't managed to master one of the many Harrier variants by then, even though it may be a bit embarrassing for you, I suppose anything that can keep up will do ;)

Conditions: core high pressure (Q1028), afternoon

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