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Alpine Helicopter Adventure - 23rd of August 8PM UK time

This saturday will be VooDoo's Alpine Helicopter Adventure! We'll be departing Geneva (LSGG) at the appointed hour - please be prompt as we will be flying helicopters at altitudes between nap of the earth and about 9000' and we have a long way to go to Innsbruch (LOWI) Austria thru some of the finest terrain and scenery in FlighGear! We'll need every bit of our 2 hours!

We'll be departing to a fuel/rest stop in Meiringen (LSMM) on the South side park up area for only a few minutes before we again take to their air and challenge ourselves thru beautiful and significant terrain all the way to Innsbruch. Bring a 'chopper that you fly well and are confident in that can make 130 - 140 knots continuously if needed. After leaving Geneva, we'll be heading Eastish over the lake to get formed up and from there things will get dicey - you'll need to stay with the group and flight leader to find your weaving way thru treacherous yet beautiful hills, valleys and passes.

Be there or be square and please announce any aircraft not supplied via the FGUK hangar accompanied by a link *well in advance* of Saturday's flight. Try and capture/install current scenery in advance of the flight if yer Terrasync is not functional or to reduce lagging and you might not want to fly clock time on this one lest ye catch a mountain in the dark.


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FlightGear 3.0 Released


February 17, 2014 - FlightGear v3.0 is Released!

The FlightGear development team is happy to announce the v3.0 release of FlightGear, the free, open-source flight simulator. This new version contains many exciting new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Highlights in this release include integration of the FGCom voice communications client within the simulator, improved terrain rendering, faster scenery loading, and improved usability. This release also coincides with the release of FlightGear World Scenery 2.0 – massively improved scenery data covering the entirety of the planet and incorporating OpenStreetMap roads and detailed terrain information from a variety of sources.

A list of major changes can be found at: http://wiki.flightgear.org/Changelog_3.0.

Downloads are available here: http://www.flightgear.org/download/main-program/


High Speed TSR2 Flight to Akrotiri

The FGUK pilots whose TSR2s made it to Cyprus

StuartC led a flight of latest-version TSR2-GR3s, one of FGUK's fantasy operational aircraft projects. Featuring all new liveries from the studio of thebroons and needing a firm hand on the stick, the flight took just under two and a half hours to reach Athens.

Saturday Flights

Saint Petersburg Air Show

Saint Petersburg Air Show. This is a simple FlightNight, where we'll do our stuff in the St. Pete skies before flying off to do a formation overfly of Red Square before landing at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport.

To bring;
Any Russian / Soviet jet, big or small. If not from the FGUK Hangar, please cite a DL location.

Do NOT damage the People's Planes! Failure to take note will result in a Siberian vacation at a stark dacha.

All units will take off from St. Petersburg, Russia (ULLI), starting on runway 28L. There are 2 parallel runways - we will take off from the southerly one and the northern one will be the Display Line.

Then it's time to do your funky stuff!

After an hour or so, we'll take a refreshment break, then line up again on 28L and take off.
I was planning a hop to Moscow and go down over Red Square before returning to Moscow's Sheremtyevo airport, except that I've found no scenery worth a rouble in the Moscow vicinity.

So, upon departure from St. Pete, we shall move the Display Squadron to Helsinki, to await its next demonstration.
There is a Route Manager Route, called "RussianAirShow"

Else, the route is as follows:

Roughly 170nm. A leisurely ride....


    • Neilson's Avatar
    • Flightnight Jan 31st
    • Edited the flight plan to end at VNLK The first leg is 1h 20mins Then the last bit is about 20mins
    • Neilson's Avatar
    • Flightnight Jan 31st
    • VNKT to VNLK Lukla is 73.2nm I need to check the timing but we could all get to VNKT in jets, then change up to what ever one wants to land with ay Lukla.
    • enrogue's Avatar
    • Flightnight Jan 31st
    • While the gripen can take off from it (I've tried) landing is another thing entirely as you don't have a straight approach also the actual slope of the runway isn't properly represented in flightgear EDIT - 12%...
    • enrogue's Avatar
    • Flightnight Jan 31st
    • Nice - takeoff downhill & land uphill don't think we could do that in fast jets (except maybe the harrier & f-35)