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FGUK Latest

Bell Huey UH1, 212, 412 package update.


The In Aircraft help file hase been updated with new keybindings and instructions, please read it !!!!!

Multiplayer crew option available on all 3 versions.

Fixed - Livery swapping over Multiplayer.

All 3 Choppers are now configurable  with different Mission loads. See the Huey Configuration menu. ( Please read the in aircraft  Help file ). Each configuration is viewable over multiplayer.

Guns and Rockets can only be fired if the aircraft is configured with them. 7 Rockets per side + each minigun carries 1000 rounds.

Crop sprayer will only spray if the aircraft is configured with it.

Movable searchlight when you use the SAR configuration ( works over multiplayer ).

FDM's tweaked to load with 100% fuel and to cope with the payload weights.

Pilots change to suit the Aircraft configuration.

Advanced lighting kit fitted


Download it  HERE

OH-6 / MD-500C now available at FGUK.

Download HERE



Continuation of the work by Icecode and Star

FDM -  New FDM using YASIM CURRENT version, based on a de tuned version of our MD500E. Suitable for FG 3.2+

New sound pack + MP sound.

New instrument panel + instruments.

Cosmetic changes to the interior.

The Doors are removable ( viewable over MP ) for that wind in your hair "Nam"  experience.

10 liverlies included.

C-17 receives an update.

The Most downlloaded aircraft in the FGUK hanger receives a little update.



Both versions:-

Updated sound pack + MP Sound.


YASIM version

Updated FDM using YASIM CURRENT VERSION suitable for FG V3.2+

Updated Payload options ( requires  FGUK pauload pack V1.6 or better )

MP cre positions ( Co pilot + Loadmaster - passenger mpad only )

Payload now viewable over MP


Download it HERE

Saturday Flights

January 30th FlightNight . Carrier ops.


The Carrier Nimitz will be cruising the Bristol Channel. The Plan: We'll meet at the appointed hour at EGOD and assemble for a flight departure time of 2000 UTC Sharp! Bring a fast jet from the FGUK Hangar that is carrier capable - Sorry, the first part of the flight and operations are restricted to jets from the FGUK Hangar *ONLY*!! We'll depart smartly South to intercept and land at will upon the rolling deck of the Nimitz.

During the last half hour it'll devolve (as it always does!) to an every man for himself scenario and in that time frame anything you desire can be landed on the decks. You can try heli's or even a C-17 (it's been done!!) in the last half hour.

In the event of the inevitable crash or cold water dunking, you can use close alternative airports like EGFH/Swansea or EGFF/Cardiff to get back in the swing for another shot at her.

I'll try and run the Nimitz at various times over the coming week so folks can get their practice on. I highly suggest aircraft like the F-18, Sea Vixen, anf F-4J for newbies or the inexperienced. Take this week to get familiar with how to drop a hook and grab the launch bar! Get familar with the lifts and take a trip below deck - ride the lift back up, set up and grab a launch bar, and catapult yourself off the deck for another try!

See You there!!


    • Vodoun da Vinci's Avatar
    • FlightNight Saturday Feb 13 - Free Fly!
    • Since nothing else was posted and it *is* Valentines Day Weekend (which might make it tough for some of us fly) The Plan will be the default FlightNight Plan - that is, all available pilots report to EGOD at 2000 hours...
    • J Maverick 16's Avatar
    • FlightNight 6th February 2016: It's VFR, FFS! (Fli...
    • Italian Liv pack for the Tonka available here: www.dropbox.com/sh/xlzvnn1zj0qmtq3/AAC-k...JjNKuva99IHWRba?dl=0 Download it in order to see me flyin'! ;) Just a preview for the Flightnight, more livs to come...
    • J Maverick 16's Avatar
    • FlightNight 6th February 2016: It's VFR, FFS! (Fli...
    • Quote: For those with Cloud access, there is an updated SU-27 version in "VooDoo Hacks" for testing of the sound. I might have toned it down some over MP. Could I have somehow it? I've already destroyed my ears this afternoon...
    • Vodoun da Vinci's Avatar
    • FlightNight 6th February 2016: It's VFR, FFS! (Fli...
    • For those with Cloud access, there is an updated SU-27 version in "VooDoo Hacks" for testing of the sound. I might have toned it down some over MP. Those with access might wanna grab it (replace yer current...